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"An excellent management programme consistently delivered in our preferred locations throughout the UK."
"Excellent unprompted feedback from everyone saying how extremely useful the programme content was."
"Excellent unprompted feedback from everyone saying how extremely useful the programme content was."
"Really enjoyable programme, one of the best we’ve had."
"The best in-house management programme we have ever had delivered."
"We took over a company that had obviously been very well trained in a wide range of business skills."
"The difference the training made to our people meant we moved from good to great."
"Breakthrough really knew our industry, got to know our people really well and made a huge difference to our business."
"We really liked Breakthrough's approach, it would be very difficult to find a better training provider."
"After trying other training providers, bringing breakthrough in made a world of difference to our people and for our business."
"You're far too cheap for the professional service you provide. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the training sessions."

Do you have it?

it's all about attitude...

…more to the point, do your people have it? Breakthrough provides cost-effective, sales, management, leadership and personal development through a range of tailored client-specific programmes. We also work with our clients helping them to develop their competitive edge through experienced management consultancy and they tell us we do that really well. What sets us apart is our focus on attitude. Changing attitudes and behaviours is what transfers the skillset from the training room to your business domain.

Breakthrough uses consultants, associates and business partners from a wide range of industries and has over 30 years of experience in the industry. Our client base includes local, national and international organisations. Our reputation is based on a practical “real life” approach to learning and development and we work with a great number of companies in many diverse industries.


Practical training that is focused on achievement.

That's the Breakthrough guarantee! Working with many diverse companies throughout the U.K. and overseas, in both private and public sectors, we have developed a wide range of practical training techniques and training methods that work. Breakthrough Management Ltd use training consultants taken from senior positions within a range of industries. They are selected for their high level of expertise, market knowledge and achievement.


Pre-course analysis ensures the right course for the right delegate.

By matching the course content to the real needs of the delegate we can ensure that the development speaks your language, understands your business culture and delivers focused training. The training is also "pitched" at the right level. Training will develop skills and increase knowledge. Only by getting beneath the surface and determining the real needs can the best solutions be implemented and directed at the right level.